How do I install erod™?

Installation videos are available here and installation instructions are available for download here.

How much weight can erod™ hold?

erod™ is approved for up to 20 pounds of window treatments. For heavier applications additional brackets (sold separately, here) are required and professional installation is recommended.

What is the range of the Remote Control?

The Remote Control uses infrared technology and has a range of approximately 25 feet. Each erod™ motorized drapery rod set comes with one Remote Control. Extra remotes are available for purchase, here. One remote can open multiple erod™ sets at once if they are both within range.

How long do the batteries inside the Battery Power Kit last?

If you are opening and closing your drapes once a day, the 8 D-Cell batteries inside the Battery Power Kit will last approximately 8-12 months. (The Battery Power Kit is sold separately, here, and requires 8 D-Cell batteries, not included.)

Is erod™ available as a double rod set?

Currently, erod™ is only available as a single rod set.

Are Roller Clips included in the set?

Roller Clips are included with every erod™ set. Additional Roller Clips are available for purchase, here,  if you are adding extra panels or would like a more “gathered” look.

Can I use erod™ with pinch pleats or pin hooks?

Yes, you can purchase pin hooks separately, through independent retailers, for use with pinch pleat panels.


Can I get extra brackets?

Yes, extra brackets are available for purchase here.

How long is the cord on the wall plug?

The cord is 12 feet long.

Can erod™ be ceiling mounted?

Yes, erod™ can be ceiling mounted. Top mount brackets are sold separately, available for purchase here. (Top mount brackets are installed along with brackets included with your erod™ set.)

What is the erod™ warranty?

Every erod™ motorized drapery rod set is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What power input is compatible with erod™?

The standard 110V/60Hz power input.

How does erod™ compare to another motorized drapery product?

erod™ motorized drapery hardware is currently the only inexpensive TELESCOPING motorized drapery rod available on the market. It can fit a multitude of window sizes so it does not need to be installed by a professional, you can do it yourself. For more information, see informative video here.

What is the length of erod™ motorized drapery rod?

The length of erod™ is adjustable by telescoping extension and can range in length between 26″ to 144″ varying from side open to center open drapery styles.

How do the adjustable brackets work on erod™?

The bracket can be adjusted in length anywhere between 3 and 4 inches away from the wall. The length depends on the location of the set screw. Screw your set screw into the bracket at your desired projection length. For more information, see bracket installation video here.

How far does erod™ project from the wall once mounted?

Using the bracket set screw, erod™ can be extended 3 to 4 inches from the wall. The total projection from the wall to the front of the rod is 5 inches.

How do I install additional Roller Clips on erod™?

Simply pinch and remove the last stationary roller clip. On Center Open, there is one at each end, on Side Open there is one nearest the motor. Slide additional roller clips into the opening to channel with the other clips. For Center Open sets, load an equal amount of clips on each side. Once finished, snap stationary clip back into place. For more information, see roller rings installation video here.

Is an infrared blaster compatible with erod™ motorized drapery hardware in order to integrate with my home automation system?

Yes, erod™ can be integrated. Use these wavelengths to program the blaster.
Close- 110100100000, Open- 110100010000, Stop- 110100001000
Hex code: Open- D10, Close- D20, Stop- D08

Can Side Open erod™ function in either direction?

Yes, Side Open erod™ is designed to pull open from either direction. Simply mount the motor side of the erod™ on the side of the window to which you desire your drapery to pull open. For more information, please refer to our instruction manuals available here, or the Side Open installation video available here.

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