Extra Remote Control

The Remote Control uses infrared technology. One remote can open or close multiple erod™ motorized drapery rods at once. The range of the remote is approximately 25 feet. Each erod™ motorized drapery rod set comes with one Remote Control. Extra Remote Controls are available for purchase here.

Battery Power Kit

A Battery Power Kit is available for use without an electrical outlet (sold separately). If you wish to install erod™ in a location where an electrical outlet is not available, the Battery Power Kit is the perfect solution. (Requires 8 D-Cell batteries, not included.) Battery Power Kits are available for purchase here.
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Extra Brackets

Extra brackets are available and sold separately. Although erod™ motorized drapery rod sets include everything needed for installation, extra bracket(s) are recommended for use with heavier draperies (not to exceed 25lbs). Please read installation instructions thoroughly for proper installation. Extra Brackets are available for purchase here.
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Roller Clips

Extra roller clips are available for purchase. They are easy-to-install and ideal for multiple panels. Extra Roller Clips are available for purchase here.
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Top-Mount Bracket

You can now mount your erod™ motorized drapery rod inside the frame of a window. For a cleaner style, simply mount Top-Mount brackets on top of the inside of your window for a seamless and complete window covering. Top-Mount Brackets are available for purchase here.

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